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Alaudeen Jiffri

27 Dec 2017

Assalaamu Alaikum Providing food for a hungry person is a temporary help. Likewise, providing clothes. That too is a small help for the individual. But helping for one’s education not only uplifts him but uplifts his entire family. A progressive family leads to a progressive society. Hence the service of KALIMA is to progress the society. Why I am here, is to tell you that the help of KALIMA at right time has uplifted my family. The only assurance they ask from us is to join them in servicing others after we attain our career. And let us pray The Almighty to make it possible. - Alaaudin Jiffri

Fathima Sahana

25 Dec 2017

Assalamu alaikum, I am Fathima Shahana ,Im very glad to inform u that I completed my mphil with first class and distinction .All the credits goes to kalima trust .Thank you for your financial support .In future (insha allah) i also will try to help the needy students.

Ayesha Raihan

24 Dec 2017

Assalamu alaikum, Dear Kalima Brothers, I am S. AYESHA RAIHAN. You also know I embraced Islam few years ago. I believe in the oneness of God, "La Illaha Illallah". I have continued my Ph.D from Kalima Educational Credit Fund. I really suffered a lot for almost 7 years to earn my Ph.D. degree in Economics at Manomaniam Sundaranar University. I thank God for helping me in achieving such great heights. My thesis was titled, "Environmental Impact of Coastal Aquaculture in Thoothukudi District – An Economic Study" under the supervision of Dr. J. Sacratees, Professor and Head i/c, Department of Economics, Manaonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. I would like to thank all Kalima Members who had always been my financial support for me to pursue my dream. Jazakallah Khair. Please pray for my upcoming endeavors including getting a job as a lecturer in Economics. Insha Allah I will get a job I will return my Educational Credit Fund to Kalima and I will help other peoples who are financially poor. Convey my salam and thanks to all kalima members Jazakallah. May the Almighty God bless you all. - Ayesha Raihan

Mohamed Jahir Hussain Ziaudeen

24 Dec 2017

Assalamu alaikum (var), First of all, I would like to gratidute all praicess to Allah, Almighty for the financial support I received from the Kalima team and it's secretary (in the period of 2001) Dr. Mohamed Yoosuf and Er. Syed Mohamed. As my father passed away long back, I was facing lot of financial challenges to get into the professional courses even though I got scored 1036/1200. I came to know about Kalima and I got sponsorship to do my engineering even though I am not part of the Kanyakumari district. With Allah's blessings, I graduated in first class distinction in 2005 and got placed in a good company. All praicess goes to Allah. Insha Allah I will try my level best to help the needy people through Kalima. I request all the members and students of Kalima to join our hands to identify and support the needy students around us. With Salam, Jahir

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