History & Mission

Our History

KALIMA (Kumari Arabian Living Integrated Muslim Association) was started during the year 2000, by the group of well wishers from Kanyakumari.

KALIMA is a good example for supporting hands for the middle class and lower middle-class people in educational level with the grace and support of Allah. KALIMA’s aim is to contribute the people of Islam Community for the betterment of society with a view to the reconciliation of Allah.

All the help given by KALIMA can be accepted by Allah as good deeds and the grace of Allah should be available to those who help in both worlds. The only wish of KALIMA is that those who receive help should make dua for KALIMA.

Education is the foundation for overcoming the misery of a society. And a society that is educated will be a society that is aware, self-sufficient and self-confident. That is why Islam gives more importance to knowledge.

Future generations will be able to stand on their own feet only if the literacy is increased in our community. And all the educated professionals should need to come ahead in all the fields which are Society, Politics, Media, Government Sectors and Private sectors. We must need to contribute as much as possible for our society to get improved literacy. Since it is our duty and KALIMA is working towards the goal of making scholars graduates versatile professionals

Our Mission

The main objective of our organization is to uplift the educational empowerment of minority community in Tamil Nadu especially in Kanyakumari district. Through education empowerment only the suppressed community will attain social justice. This also will lead to the economical stability of the community.

The Trust is committed to improving the life-chances of children and young people through excellence in education, encouraging pupils to challenge themselves and hold high aspirations in their academic learning, personal and social development.  Our aim is to achieve our Vision through adherence to, and the practical implementation of, our Key Values (Passion, Urgency, Positive attitude, Aspiration, Commitment, Innovation and Development).  We encourage pupils within our trust of Academies to challenge self and externally imposed restrictions, hold high aspirations for their futures and develop a thirst for learning.  We understand that the way to achieve this is through ensuring consistently high standards of teaching and broad opportunities for learning thru a rich and relevant curriculum.  Our Academies will ensure that our pupils are well prepared to make the most of future opportunities as citizens within an ever changing world.

The purpose of the Trust is to support its Academies by building upon their strengths so that they can work together to achieve rapid educational transformation.  We strive for each of our Academies to become a centre of excellence and believe that they can achieve this through collaboration in closely linked small groups within the Trust’s structure to share support, resources and talents.  We believe that it is essential these small hubs are led and mentored by successful professional leaders in education who are grounded in the day-to-day reality of effective school / College improvement. 

Through our main objective we have considerably the achieved (May Almighty Give us more strength to do more work) our goals in certain ways. Also we provide the awareness of the social services to many people.